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Touching to reality and beyond

Meet the world's first and only haptic feedback device that enhances your sense of realism.

Get the best feeling with golden touches and have the technology of the future.

Become powerful beyond edges

Don’t worry about the borders anymore. Not only are you dependent on the eye and the ear, you can get all the information transfer and sensations through haptic feedback. On the other hand, try the developed and modified content for you wirelessly on our advanced platform.

With the Midas Touch, which can be used in every computer system, regardless of hardware, we bring a new breath to your understanding of communication.

Bluetooth Connection

User Friendly System

Real-Time Sensation

High Compatibility

Enchanced Experience

Wide Usage Areas


Power of Three

We’re reinventing haptic technologies using the power of academical foundation, technology and aestheticism.

No Delay

There is no delay and synchronising issues. When you place the Midas Touch it turns automatically on.

No Wearables

There is no need for vest or plug big things in your hands. Midas Touch only focuses hands which is better for understanding dimension of the touching.


We believe that haptic feedback technology could be used in medical operations, educational activities and even in cars. Midas Touch would be our first activement for reaching them.