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Electronic Systems Design Engineer

Istanbul · Full Time

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Job Description

We are looking for electronic systems design engineers that will aid Mekadermis on development of Midas Touch and its specialized variants for both personal and professional use.

Your main tasks will consist of research and development activities for novel haptic systems. You will take part in design of embedded electronic systems and production feasibility studies.


Being in love with your job. We need serious geeks.

Graduated from universities’ related faculties

Professional level English language proficiency

Experienced in PCB design software

Experienced in multi-layer PCB design and manufacturing


Electronics design and development of commercial haptic systems for professional and personal use

Conducting necessary feasibility studies for electronics production

Software Engineer, Haptics Integration

Istanbul · Full Time

Job Description

We’re looking for talented software engineers passionate about pushing the boundaries of haptic feedback technologies. The ideal applicant is an experienced software engineer with a background in systems engineering, tools, or user interface heuristics, who delivers efficiently. This position will afford you the opportunity of exploring next generation digital multimedia experience with touch sensation, specifically in games and movies.

You will become part of a team developing novel haptic feedback systems. We want people who are in love with their profession; are excellent teammate; can work in experimental technologies; can brainstorm big ideas; have great product sense; have an eye for detail, and are comfortable working on a variety of development environments. This position is full-time and is based in Istanbul, Turkey.

Minimum Skills

Bachelor’s degree in preferably computer science or a related field

Experience with C/C++ programming on hardware systems

Preferred Qualifications

Experience with computer graphics, rendering, game engines, tooling and user interface design

Experience in lower-level peripherals such I2C, SPI and UART

Experience in development of device driver software


Assist creating an efficient system C++ pipeline to work on future haptic feedback systems

Develop software for variety of consumer hardware, including specialized haptic platforms

Develop responsive user haptic interfaces

Write clean readable code, debug complex problems that spans multiple subsystems, prioritize ruthlessly and get things done with a high level of efficiency

Learn constantly, educate others and welcome new technology areas

Send us your amazing CV's

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