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Are you ready for infinity?

Are you ready to explore the new world of haptics with the Midas Touch? Live the best experience with realistic sensations.

Unlimited Potential

Use the unlimited potential of Midas Touch to unleash your power. Augment your senses to the limits.

No Wearables

Connect it to your computer and start using it right away. You don’t need to wear anything.

Easy to Use

Use Midas Touch just by placing on your desk or chair. It is easy to use and gives the best experience anywhere.

Midas Experience

Midas Touch simulates the virtual surfaces, special haptic effects and human emotional reactions on your skin.

It improves your reflexes to the next level with its Kinetic Engine. Midas Touch makes you perform better during gaming and working activities by providing haptic clues.

You can feel what you’re watching through your touch sense. Be the first to explore next-gen digital multimedia.

How It Works?

Place it

Pair it

Feel it

Haptic Universe

Get instant access to the haptic feedback devices you can use anytime, anywhere. Take the lead in the world of haptics with special options for developers and companies.

Game & App Developers

Haptic dimension has arrived for game and application developers. A wide range of haptic feedback tools to improve your games and applications.

Haptic & AR/VR Systems

You can enhance your VR and AR systems with Midas Touch and add the sense of touch to the virtual reality. Midas Touch is specifically designed VR/AR friendly.

Movie Studios

Our haptic solutions enable you to provide the best haptic experience for your movies, series and videos. We provide you continuous technical support during production.

Movie Theaters

You can implement Midas Touch to your existing theatre seats easily. Let your customers feel the cutting edge haptics while they watch. No more shaking chairs, irritating water sprays in the name of “fourth” dimension.

Arcade Entertainment

Deploy Midas Touch to augment your arcade entertainment systems. Experience the future live action games in gaming halls and entertainment centers.

Smart Solutions

Midas Touch is the universal haptic platform for modern digital systems. We provide smart engineering solutions to implement Midas Touch on your products. 

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Science of Touch

Want to learn haptics? Get our training and specialize in the fastest way. Fold your learning speed with our high-quality technology. Become the developer of the future.

Haptics is a new area for digital development that involves various scientific fields. We support and train you during your haptic journey to become an expert.

Haptics has key applications for future educational materials. Students can now touch the historical places, tools and learn science like never before.